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            Environmental detection

            Date:2017-07-24 16:55:01 Hits:3643

            PTC's environmental reliability laboratory has more than 1000 square meters of experimental sites, which can be used for mechanical, climate testing, packaging and transportation environment and reliability consulting services. The laboratory is based on IEC, GB, ETSI, ISTA, ASTM, MIL-STD and other testing standards. The reliability laboratory has comprehensive high end reliability testing equipment (QUALMARK, German WEISS, UK LDS) and the experienced test and analysis team, which not only provides you with a timely and satisfactory reliability testing service, but also provides a professional solution to the reliability growth, screening, and life assessment of your products. Case.

            Reliability test purpose

            Environmental tests are designed to ensure that the product maintains functional reliability during the specified life period, in all circumstances in the expected use, transportation, or storage. It is to expose the product to its natural or artificial environmental conditions to evaluate the performance of the product under the environmental conditions of actual use, transportation and storage. The influence degree and mechanism of environmental factors are also analyzed.

            Research and development stage: test the reliability of the sample, find out the problems in the raw material, structure, process and environmental adaptability, and improve it through repeated tests and improvements.

            The reliability of the product can be improved.

            Pilot-test stage: When the new product is finalized, the appraisal test is carried out according to the technical conditions of the product, so as to check whether the product has reached the prescribed reliability index.

            In the production process: monitoring the stability of product quality (monitoring the quality of raw materials or performance degradation and process out of control).

            Summary of purpose

            Failure Mode is discovered through experiments.

            Exploration of failure mechanism (Failure Mechanism)

            Optimize R & D, Optimize design and process

            Monitor raw materials and Monitor raw material and process