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            Inspection of textile, leather and footwear

            Date:2017-07-24 16:53:43 Hits:4416

            Our daily life can not be separated from four elements, clothing, food, housing, and travel, as one of the four elements of "clothing" is our daily activities to protect the body, and our skin has a close contact, so once the "clothing" material contains toxic substances, the impact on our health is obvious. Lifelike patterns, gorgeous colors, exquisite accessories, etc., are all eye-catching bright spots, but may also be an important source of toxic substances. In addition to these potential risks, product durability is also our focus. The "shoe" that was once popular for a long time is the honor that the durability can not meet the requirements. For example, the upper off, the sole is not wear-resistant or breaking, and so on, these problems seriously damage the health and safety of our consumers.

            The chemical laboratory of the PTC physical and chemical inspection department and the shoe laboratory can provide you with the service of the hazardous material control and footwear physical performance requirements in the product and escort your products.


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