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            Congratulations on PTC review

            Date:2018-03-02 09:19:18 Hits:2971

            PTC is a comprehensive third party inspection and certification organization which integrates product inspection, inspection, certification, rectification, problem analysis, technical consultation, factory guidance, calibration and system service. And has safety regulations, EMC, chemistry, batteries, environment, food, consumer goods, footwear and toys physics, military reliability laboratory.

            In February 6, 2018, the expert of the PSE review group carried out the on-site strict evaluation of PTC. At the site of the review, the review team reviewed the laboratory related quality management system documents, checked the instrument and equipment, and examined the related quality management system documents through the field test capability, the hardware audit, the technical personnel questions and the view.

            A brief introduction to PSE

            The PSE certification in Japan is a safety certification required by the electrical supplies safety law. The regulations divide electrical supplies into "specific electrical supplies" and "non - specific electrical supplies".

            PSE certification (rhombus) belongs to the catalogue of "specific electrical supplies", entering the Japanese market. It needs to be certified by the third party certification authority authorized by the Japanese economic and industrial province, and has a certificate of certification and a diamond shaped PSE sign.

            PSE certification (circular) belongs to the "non specific electrical appliance" catalogue. It enters the Japanese market. It is tested on the basis of the technical requirements of the safety law of electrical supplies, and is attached to the circular PSE sign.

            This audit expert group has fully affirmed the contents of our evaluation and put forward valuable suggestions for improvement. Thus, accurate and proficient PSE certification rules will achieve seamless docking changes, from beginning to end for the majority of customers to provide quality testing and certification services.


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