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            Warm congratulations on the accuracy of the official work of the Ministry of ind

            Date:2018-01-25 10:48:27 Hits:1833

            According to the notifications of the electronic product safety working group of the Ministry of industry and information, the Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "precision testing") has formally joined the working group of the electronic product safety standard of the Ministry of industry and information technology and became a full member.

            It is reported that the application is examined by the working group strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the articles of association of the electronic product safety standard working group of the Ministry of information industry, and is voted by all members and liaison organizations of the working group. At present, GB 4943.1-2011 "first parts of information technology equipment security, first parts: General requirements" and GB 8898-2011 "audio, video and similar electronic equipment security requirements" as well as "audio / video, information and communication technology" which is expected to be combined to replace GB 8898 and GB 4943.1 in the future There are first parts: Safety requirements (plan number: 20140168-Q-339, modification of IEC 62368-1).

            It has advanced testing equipment and senior expert team, and maintains close cooperation with a large number of international authority certification bodies. It has obtained the accreditation of CNAS, CMA, TUV, UL, SGS, CVC, FCC, NEMKO, DEKRA, IC, CPSC, TMICO, TMICO, IC, etc. It is a long-term strategic partner for the Southern China Laboratory of China Quality Certification Center, the China Home Electrical Appliance Research Institute and the Wei Kai test, which is willing to entrust the laboratory and the CCC compulsory product testing laboratory qualification.

            Accurate inspection can smoothly join the working group, which is inseparable from the influence of the company's technological strength. This entry fully displays the management of our scientific standards, the high-quality talent team, the excellent instrument and equipment, as well as the diversified, multi-level inspection and certification service system. As a member of the working group, precision will continue to adhere to the "precision, professional, rigorous, efficient" service concept, as well as a perfect service network, service China, service the world!