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            Warm congratulations|Precision Tong Rong is appointed Vice Chairman of Dongguan

            Date:2018-01-25 10:43:56 Hits:2057

            On January 22, 2018, Dongguan Hi-tech Industry Association held a ceremonious ceremony for the establishment of the Eight Specialized Committees of Science and Technology Services and the awarding of the new-promoted cadres'licenses. Small P is reported that Dongguan's national high-tech enterprises are expected to reach 4077, and Guangdong's hi tech enterprises have about 2918 warehouses. There are more than 750 members of Dongguan hi tech Industry Association, and 8 service committees have been set up.

            The association has set up 8 new service committees, which are the technical services committee, the financial services committee, the Legal Service Committee, the financial and Tax Service Commission, the measurement and Inspection Service Committee, the Intellectual Property Service Commission, the human resources service commission and the comprehensive service commission. The service committees have directors and vice chairmen, which are mainly responsible for the integration of professional service resources and the gathering of innovative resources to provide all kinds of quality services to meet the needs of enterprise services. At the same time as the first vice president of the high tech Service Commission, it was selected as the first vice chairman of the measurement and detection service committee.

            Tan Songbin, President of the Dongguan high and new technology industry association, said that the association holds the position of "building the center of information exchange, the bridge of industrial docking, the platform of resource gathering," the membership team is growing, the service ability is constantly improved, and the organization structure is constantly improved. At present, there are more than 750 members of the association, an increase of more than 520 at the beginning of its establishment. The association will close the favorable opportunities for the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Great Bay area and the Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor, provide high quality services for the broad membership units, form a strong joint force for the development of high-tech industrial clusters, and promote the integration of the three chains of "innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain", in order to boost Dongguan's higher level development at a higher starting point. Make due contribution.

            The 2018 Association will open a new page and continue to serve the members wholeheartedly, open and inclusive and active work spirit. As the backbone of the association's cadre unit, the association will face the future with a new posture and higher requirements, work hard and forge ahead, and work together to promote the association to become stronger and bigger.