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            School enterprise alliance to promote the new spectrum of cooperation in develop

            Date:2018-01-25 10:39:21 Hits:1890

            In order to condense the strength of school and society, promote the reform of education and teaching, broaden the channel of student practice, and also recruit outstanding talents for enterprises, and give full play to the advantages of both school and enterprise, we signed a cooperation agreement with Quanzhou Medical College in January 18, 2018 and established "Quanzhou Medical College - Fu food safety food inspection". Test center.

            Quanzhou Medical College is a comprehensive, full - time higher school organized by the people's Government of Fujian province by the people's Government of the province, which has complete disciplines, perfect facilities, excellent teachers and standard management. The school has 11 teaching and teaching departments and centers, including clinical medical college, nursing college, medicine college, laboratory for inspection and prevention, Stomatology, basic medicine, social science and public, continuing education institute, Higher Vocational Development Institute, scientific research information center and library. And adhere to the quality as the core of the connotation of development, innovation and development of modern higher vocational education, to create technical skills personnel training plateau.

            "Guan Cheng inspection" in the food laboratory under the flag is a comprehensive third party inspection and certification organization which integrates food inspection, inspection, certification, technical service and quality management. And has advanced testing equipment and senior, authoritative expert team, is a professional food inspection and certification service organization, including food and agricultural products inspection, certification, food third party supervision services and training services, and can be based on the quality, safety laws and regulations and standards of various countries to carry out various kinds of related inspection. Test certification business.

            After visiting and discussing each other, many aspects of students' training and practice, the cultivation of talents, research of related subjects, and the establishment of testing center have been reached, and the cooperation agreement is signed. The two sides will give full play to the advantages of universities and enterprises to achieve complementary advantages, mutual use of resources and sharing of interests.

            The school enterprise cooperation will give full play to the advantages of the school and enterprise, optimize the enterprise resources, establish the talent pool of innovation and entrepreneurship tutor, and jointly carry out professional teaching, social practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, related research and research and research and development transformation projects. At the same time, the function of Higher Vocational Colleges Serving the society, industry and enterprises should be brought into full play, and the post platform should be set up for training technical and skilled inspection technical professionals.