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            PTC large public welfare activities "bring home health"

            Date:2018-01-25 10:36:20 Hits:2424

            Take health home, mobile population, health care, family planning, caring and caring special action and "health and happiness over the new year"

            In January 17, 2018, the provincial capital city, Fuzhou, was opened in the provincial capital city of "health and health care, care and care" and "health and happiness over the year".

            As a co organizer of the event, precise inspection is co organized to participate in this large-scale publicity campaign. "Take home health", so that the migrant workers as the main body of migrant workers will take home (home and home) "healthy body, health knowledge and health goods" during the Spring Festival of the new year (home and home), so that they are not only the beneficiaries of health care, but also the propagator of the healthy life concept.

            Health education, policy publicity and free clinic consultation were organized on the spot, and health support packages and health publicity materials were distributed to the floating population. Chen Hui, member and deputy director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, attended the event and delivered speeches. The leaders involved in the event presented the Spring Festival condolences to the representatives of the floating population and greeted them in the Spring Festival. Some medical and health institutions and streets in Gulou District also presented wonderful singing and dancing programs such as "Healthy China in a Flourishing Age" for the event.

            Through a series of activities, we can help the floating population in the aspects of rational diet, scientific medical treatment, occupational safety, maternal and child health care, reproductive health, mental health, health care for children left behind, and guide the floating population to learn, master health knowledge and necessary health skills. At the same time, through publicity activities, the floating population can understand the policy of basic public health and family planning services, two children and medical insurance, so as to better utilize and enjoy the various preferential and services provided by the state and Society for the floating population.

            Through the joint efforts of all, the campaign of "Happy and Healthy Lunar New Year" has been successfully launched.

            A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden. In the future, it will continue to work with more social organizations, enterprises and educational institutions to explore and deepen the organizational model of various public welfare activities, and will lead the staff to participate in more and more colorful public welfare activities, and make efforts to make the enterprise and every employee a good example of fulfilling the social responsibility. The public to convey more love, to build a healthy and safe living environment and social harmony and prosperity to make more efforts and contributions!