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            Disclaimer concerning the illegal operation of criminals in the name of our comp

            Date:2018-01-25 10:11:48 Hits:2160

            Recently, the illegal elements in the name of Dongguan precision inspection and certification of Limited by Share Ltd and its branch in the name of private acceptance of related testing, certification and other business, seriously damaged the image of our company. In this regard, we condemn the illegal act of fraudulent use of the name of the company in carrying out its business and issue the following statement:

            1. The address and details of our company's headquarters and branch offices are as follows. Besides, there are no other branches:

            2. The official website of our company is www.zalkopp.com. If a new branch is established, the relevant information will be updated through the official website.

            3. At present, our company has applied to the resident public security organ to apply for a case investigation. For this kind of serious infringement on the name of our company, our company will follow the public security organs to the end and reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

            We ask all clients, manufacturers and clients to safeguard their rights and interests. If you have any questions, you can contact our company at any time in accordance with the official contact way published in the above statement.

            At the same time, improve your vigilance and guard against it! If you find any behavior of abuse, please don't believe it. Please report it to the public security department in time.

            This is hereby declared!