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            PTC is awarded the quality award of the 2017 inspection and testing agency.

            Date:2018-01-25 10:05:54 Hits:2245

            In December 5, 2017, the State Supervision Commission official website announced the result of the quality promotion competition of the electrical field inspection and testing organization in 2017. The result showed that PTC (Dongguan precision inspection and certification Limited by Share Ltd) got a satisfactory transcript with its own high professional technical level. Won the 2017 electrical field inspection and testing agency quality improvement Competition Excellence Award!!!

            It is reported that the competition is organized by the state supervision and Management Committee, aimed at improving the technical ability and service quality of the inspection and testing institutions, and establishing and improving the classification and supervision mechanism of the inspection and inspection agencies. The competition content includes two parts: "field exercise testing" and "field written test". Finally, according to the results of the examination, the participating institutions are divided into three grades of excellence, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. More than 200 participants from 91 participating inspection and testing institutions recommended by relevant industry departments under the State Council and local geological inspection bureaus took part in the competition. Finally, the results of the assessment of the information technology and equipment project are 13 of the excellent inspection and testing institutions, and 15 are satisfied, and we PTC are one of the excellent inspection and testing institutions.

            Now Xiao Bian secretly shared this exciting report card for you.

            After reading our transcripts, we can imagine that our company representatives were cut through thorns, unremitting efforts to achieve such results ah. Now Xiaobian takes you to understand the tension at that time.

            Of course, there are only three companies listed on the private laboratory, and we PTC are the only private laboratories to get "excellent". The award of this honor fully embodies the expertise and ability of precision testing. In the face of such a good achievement, it is sure that precision can not be satisfied. We will continue to improve our professional skills and service level, and provide authoritative and professional inspection, inspection and certification services for more manufacturers.