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            Warm congratulations on precise inspection and signing of the first batch of Hun

            Date:2018-01-25 10:02:10 Hits:2037

            In November 24, 2017, precision inspection and certification of the Limited by Share Ltd Hunan branch signed the first batch of Hunan province "national inspection and testing certification public service platform demonstration area", this time in the public service platform demonstration area, the precision inspection plan investment 30 million yuan construction Hunan inspection base, covering the environment, equipment, automobile Electronics, reliability and other testing, certification, consulting, technical services and other fields.

            Demonstration area of national public service platform for inspection, testing and certification

            During the "13th Five-Year", the Hunan inspection and inspection industry plan introduced 300 inspection inspection certification and equipment enterprises to realize the output value of more than 20 billion yuan; at the same time, 3 to 5 national testing centers or key laboratories were built, and the national inspection and testing high technology service gathering area and the national public inspection and certification service platform were set up. Area.

            Hunan Provincial Public Service Platform Demonstration Zone of National Inspection, Testing and Certification is Yuelu Science and Technology Industrial Park, located in the core area of Yuelu Science and Technology Industrial Park. Through the planning of "five major industries", the park carries out the space of "six major bases", promotes the "Yuelu detection" brand, and builds "the central China testing capital".