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            Congratulations on the certification and Accreditation of Limited by Share Ltd a

            Date:2018-01-25 09:49:32 Hits:2390

            Product certification generally includes two categories: mandatory product certification (CCC certification) and voluntary product certification. The state regulatory commission stipulates mandatory product certification for 159 kinds of products of 22 categories, and voluntary product certification can be implemented for other products not included in the CCC certification range. At present, our country's voluntary product certification involves electronic and electrical and components, medical devices, toys, building materials, furniture, railway products, textiles and shoes, auto parts, drinks, machinery, chemical products, sports products, Chinese characters and software, gas appliances, and agricultural products and food, renewable. Energy and so on.

            This time, Dongguan precision inspection and certification Limited by Share Ltd with the senior expert team and professional technical level, the smooth access to the Certification Committee voluntary industrial product certification (PV12 electronic equipment and parts and components field) certification agency qualification, agency approval number CNCA-R-2017-360.

            On product certification:

            Product certification is an international evaluation method of product quality. Through the voluntary application of the enterprise, the state approved product certification organization carries out type test and factory inspection on the product according to the procedure. After it meets the certification conditions, the certification certificate is issued and the product is allowed to be attached to the product in order to obtain the trust and the customer's trust. Market competition is in a favorable position.

            Voluntary product certification classification:

            Authentication process: