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            Congratulations on the precise inspection and selection of the first batch of pr

            Date:2018-01-25 09:44:11 Hits:1927

            Warmly congratulate Dongguan precision pass testing and certification Limited by Share Ltd was selected as the first batch of Dongguan professional service resource pool organization.

            In this election, the Dongguan doubling office, with the relevant departments, with the principle of "resource pool to be fine, guiding and strong, clear in classification", is included in the selection and filing process, and finally into the institutions of higher recognition of the 57 industry, the better social word-of-mouth, and the active service to the service of Dongguan as the professional service resource pool (the first batch). Structure.

            Congratulations on the membership of the members below the association.

            Guangdong Zhitong talent chain Limited by Share Ltd (executive vice president unit)

            Dongguan precision pass inspection and certification Limited by Share Ltd (governing unit)

            Dongguan Southern China patent and Trademark Office Co., Ltd. (member unit)

            Guangdong excellent inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (member unit)

            Dongguan Guang'an Electrical Inspection Center Co., Ltd. (member unit)

            On the multiplier plan:

            In February 10, 2017, the city of Dongguan, Guangdong issued the opinion of the city government No. 1 "on implementing the scale and benefit of key enterprises" to improve the level of industrial intensive development in an all-round way. It is intended to select 200 works from private manufacturing enterprises, high-tech enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, listed or listed "new three board" enterprises. As a pilot, it strongly supports its first breakthrough in intensive transformation. Strive to pass 3 to 5 years, promote the pilot enterprises to achieve double scale and efficiency, and ultimately promote the city's level of industrial intensification effectively