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            Newsletter CPSC approves the new federal safety standard ASTM F2613-17a

            Date:2018-01-25 10:14:26 Hits:2097

            In December 8, 2017, the United States CPSC voted through the new children's folding chair and the stool federal standard, which uses the latest ASTM (ASTM F2613-17a, a child folding chair and stool Safety Specification), but limits the scope of the standard, and the compulsory standard specifies the folding of children. Safety requirements for chairs and stools, including:

            1, locking and locking mechanism or adequate hinge line clearance requirements;

            2, backward and lateral stability test;

            3, warning labels.

            The date of entry into effect: 6 months after the release of the federal communiqu.

            From January 2003 to August 2017, the CPSC received 153 reports of children's folding chairs and stools, 105 of which resulted in injuries to children. The most common injuries are injuries to children caused by fingers pinching and dumping due to unstable products.