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            Market dynamics. Since October, Brazil has imposed mandatory INMETRO registratio

            Date:2018-01-25 09:37:46 Hits:2232

            The standard metrology Bureau of Brazil, INMETRO, issued a revised standard 089/2017 in 2017, which formally stipulates the scope and date of the television set for the mandatory INMETRO registration in Brazil. 089/2017 is a supplement to the previous master standard 649/2012563/2014427/2014. In accordance with the custom of the Brazil Bureau of standards, the TV set in the standard range is also mandatory in 3 phases.

            October 1, 2017: overseas production and importation of goods must first be registered by INMETRO.

            April 1, 2018: manufacturers and importers of Brazil must first register with INMETRO when they sell and distribute in the Brazil market.

            October 18, 2018: all TV sets sold in the Brazil market must be registered with INMETRO.

            The standard set of TV sets:

            13-65 inch CRT TV, LCD TV, plasma TV, LCD and LED TV, and TV-enabled displays (excluding integrated computers).

            In order to deal with this certification, enterprises need to pay attention to the following items in addition to obtaining the Brazil INMETRO registration before the time of shipment.

            1. a Brazil registered company is required to act as an agent.

            2. The test laboratory shall meet the requirements specified in the standard. The test items include safety, EMC, energy efficiency and diagonal screen size.

            3. energy efficiency parts do not accept common reports, such as ERP, DOE and NRCan.

            4. test reports need Portuguese in the official language of Brazil, or provide translation and notarization.

            5. according to the calculation method of INMETRO standard, we can get the energy efficiency grade and add the energy efficiency grade label.

            6. after fourth months and twelfth months after registration, sampling supervision activities need to be carried out, and registration will be updated every two years.