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            GMAP regulations update Brazil ANATEL certification new wireless regulation Res.

            Date:2018-01-03 10:57:58 Hits:2420

            In August 2017, 28, Brazil's old RF regulation standard Res.506 was officially replaced by the new RF regulation Res.680/2017+ Act. 11542/2017. With the updating of standards, the old regulations will not be applicable to ANATEL related certification audit.

            New regulation Res. 680 key time points:

            2017/6/27, the new wireless regulation Res 680 has clearly replaced the old wireless regulations, and the old ones have been in transition for 2 months.

            2017/8/28, Act. 11542/2017 is released as a wireless test standard on OJ in Brazil.

            Major differences between old and new standards

            Note 1:RF warning language ("Este equipamento n o TEM Direito prote c o contra interfer ncia contra interfer ncia).

            Note 2: the old and new versions are basically the same without obvious changes in the testing process.

            Note 3: Brazil's new regulations Res. 680 + Act. 11542, only for products with radio frequency (WIFI, BT, RFID, 2.4 GHz SRD etc). Application for ANATEL involves other test criteria Res. 529, EMC Res. 433, Cellular 3GPP & ETSI, battery Res. 481, and SAR Res. 533.