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            ISO 17025:2017 (FDIS version) released, the latest change interpretation

            Date:2017-12-11 09:34:26 Hits:2296

            After the draft of the working group, the draft Committee (CD) and the draft international standard (DIS), the final international standard version of the draft FDIS ISO/IEC 17025 was issued in August 14, 2017, which formally entered the voting phase of the members of the international organization for Standardization (ISO), and the date of voting was by October 9, 2017.

            The official version is expected to be released in November.

            According to the work plan of the drafting group and the current progress in standard revision, the latest version of ISO/IEC 17025 is expected to be officially released in November or December 2017. According to the resolution of the International Laboratory Accreditation and Cooperation Organization (ILAC), the transition period of the new ISO / IEC 17025 is three years from the date of its release. After the transition period, the ILAC mutual recognition agreement will not accept laboratories accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

            [Revised key]

            Compared with DIS ISO/IEC 17025, more important amendments are concentrated on the following terms:

            risk management

            Contract review

            Source traceability requirements

            Evaluation requirements for measurement uncertainty

            Calibration certificate

            [ISO 17025:2017 (FDIS) framework]