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            PTC (PTC) was established in 2008. It is a new three board listed company (Securities for short: precision testing, stock code: 870761). It has passed CNAS L5772 of China National Accreditation National Accreditation Committee (CNAS L5772) and CMA qualification of Guangdong Bureau of quality and technology supervision (CMA 20) 16192547Z), the best partner of the Southern China Laboratory of China Quality Certification Center, the strategic partner of the China Home Electrical Research Institute, the strategic partner of the WCK Testing Technology Co., Ltd., has obtained the CQC voluntary entrustment laboratory and the CCC compulsory product testing laboratory qualification.

                PTC has safety regulations, EMC, chemistry, battery, environment, shoe spinning physics, toy physics, reliability laboratory. It has advanced and complete testing equipment and experienced professional team, and has established a good and close cooperative relationship with the international authority certification organization, and has obtained the public of TUV, UL, ETL, SGS, CVC, FCC, Canada IC and so on. The accreditation of many international certification bodies can provide customers with professional and authoritative one-stop testing and certification services.

                PTC main certification areas include electrical lighting equipment, home audio products, video playback equipment, information technology and equipment, electric heating, electric and refrigeration household appliances, radio and television products, financial electronic products, communication products, electrical machinery products, measurement control and laboratory electrical equipment, engineering medical equipment, and play. Products, environmental protection projects, water quality, air, food and agricultural products, textiles and other products testing and certification.

                PTC is committed to assisting manufacturers to apply for and obtain national certification for the safety, reliability, and environmental protection and cost control of the customer's products.